Does Target Sell Stamps?

Few people think the only place where you can find postage stamps is USPS. Yes, that was the case, but things have been drastically changed over the time. Now, Postage stamps are available at various places like Pharmacy, Bank, Copy Center.

You can also get yourself stamps from the online retailer. I personally order from

..But the question is

Does Target Sell Stamps?

Yes, Target does sell stamps. You can easily find stamps on Target store. But, it’s not available at every Target store. Maybe the target store near you doesn’t have stamps. You will have to check with your particular Target store location and ask them if they sell postage stamps or not.

Most probably Target Super stores, like Walmart Supercenters, will have US postal stamps that can be purchased at Customer Service Desk or from the cashier.

The client service counter at most grocery stores and also at the checkout counter in the grocery store, Wal-Mart check out counters you can find the stamps.

Buying Postage Stamps From Target Online

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to go outside for postage stamps, then you can visit the official site of Target sells postage stamps online since years, and it’s available 24 hours.

Target also has an online store locator which helps to locate smaller and super stores near you. The store locator comes with a locator direction which operates as a map and gives.

In order to purchase stamps online from Target Follow the following steps.

1. First of all, you’ve to create an account on It’s very easy to create an account there. You can see “My account” option at the top right side. Click on it, and you can locate “create account” option. (If you already have an account then you can skip this part by clicking on sign in and then filling your email address and password).

After clicking on create an account, you’ll be redirected to a new web-page where you’ve to fill the information like email address, first and last name, and your password.

After filling the information, click on create an account and your account will be created. An email will be sent to the email address you’ve used to confirm that it’s only you who want to create an account on Target but not any hacker or fraud.

2. After signing in, search for “postage stamps” in the search bar and click enter or click on the “go” button. You’ll be redirected to the postage stamps that are available at that time.

Click here, and you’ll be redirected to the target stamp page.

3. Then click on add to cart the postage stamp you like to complete the purchase.

Buying with Comfort

With food medicine, groceries, photo printing, and healthcare services — Target pretty much has everything we need! Considering we can always go to the closest Target near to us, buying has never been more comfortable and easy.

And, if you don’t have time then you can simply order it online.

So, these are USPS approved Stamps?

Yes, Target cashiers carry US authorized postage stamps. Once you’re in the store, just ask for a book of stamps. A Target Pharmacy will usually also have these available.

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