Does Staples Sell Stamps?

We have covered a lot of places where you can find postage stamps. But, we got mail from one of our visitors asking does staples sell stamps? Apparently, I had no idea at that time. So, I pulled my car at Staples for finding the answer.

I did the same thing, I first checked here and there and eventually asked the cashier if they sell stamps and the answer was… (It was one of the places which we covered at where to buy stamps)

Does Staples Sell Stamps?

Yes, Staples sell postage stamps. Like any other store, you can find either on their store, if you don’t find there, then you can ask the cashier because they keep the  stamps.

I wasn’t able to spot them in the market place so I went to the cashier and asked him and he said, Yes, we sell postage stamps, and we have plenty of them right now in the

Moreover, Staples sells shipping supplies at a lower rate than the FedEx or USPS. So, Staples is a profitable place to purchase shipping supplies and stamps for a reasonable price before directing to the post office or mail drop to dispatch the package.

Stamps are available there for 24/7. I got myself stamps last year before new year at it was smooth. I thought this is new year and they might have run out of stamps but cashier replied that they still have them.

…But, it doesn’t assure that you will find stamps there almost every time because they run out of stock of stamps like any other thing they sell at Staples.

Staples Store Near You

I never had difficulty locating the Staples near me anywhere I go. I don’t usually shop at Staples as I find Walmart more convenient. Like any other brand, Staples also has a mobile app for shoppers who are always on the go. They also have store locator app which helps to find the staples store near you

In case, you don’t know where is the store locations. Then use the map we have embedded below. It will show the list of all the staples store near you where you can purchase postage stamps.

Remember, this map is only for US people not for the people for the other countries. If you want to check the store location in your country, then search for “Staples store” on Google maps, and it will display you the stores near you, as simple as that.

Alternative: If you’re having trouble finding staples store from map or if you’re from different county like Canada, UK then head over to this web-page “Staples Store Locator

does staples sell stamps

Fill in the one of the following things in search bar st, city, zip code and click on search icon. It will show the staple store near you, it it’s near you.

How to Grab Them Online?

Yes, Staples online store does sell postage stamps. Like other online retailers you can find very different types of stamps. The prices are very similar to any other retailer. Here is a quick tutorial to purchase postage stamps from staples online.

  1. First of all, Visit to their official site. Visit directly from here (Their website will opened in the new window)
  2. Now, click on the My account option. It will drop a list of options, If you’ve already have a account then login using “My Account” option otherwise click on create an account option.
  3. There you’ll be asked to enter your Email address and enter password, do it.
  4. After doing so, you’ll receive a mail on your email to confirm the account (It is used to make sure your account is no hacked)
  5. After confirming your account, make a search in search bar “Postage Stamps.” You’ll be displayed all the available stamps, add them to cart to complete the purchase.

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