Does CVS Sell Stamps?

The first time I purchased the postage stamp, I had to be a member of long waiting line which took almost 40 minutes. That same day I concluded that I need a better choice and I was fortunate enough to find nine places where I could but postage stamp any time.

I recommend you read our article “Where to Buy Postage Stamps?” because you might some places which are far nearer to you than CVS, so don’t miss out on that. So, today’s question from our reader is…

Does CVS sell stamps?

Does CVS Sell Stamp

Yes, CVS sells postage stamps. The booklet is of generally 20 stamps which cost around $10. They are non denominational Forever Stamps, and they are the same price you pay at the post.

Attention: The prices are changed in 2018 so make sure to check the latest price on our article “How much is a Book of stamps costs.”

So next time when you go to the CVS, ask the cashier for postage stamps and cashier will immediately provide you the stamps if they are available at the store. They mostly have a few in the drawer.

Remember, on special occasions like New Year, Christmas, and summer holidays the stamps sell out faster than regular days.

CVS offers an extensive variety of stamps that are assured to amuse all your mailing requirements. If you do not locate them in the openings, ask the clerk at the counter as they keep behind the counter to avoid damages to the stamps.

Unlike Walmart, at CVS you won’t be given only a single stamp. You’ve to purchase the whole booklet so watch out for that. Also, you should specify the kind of patch you need as different prices for the different-different postcards, international mailing and shipping, priority mailing and shipping, and so on.

CVS doesn’t sell individual stamps; They sell booklet only which might is pathetic, but you’ve got no other choice if you want to buy from there only. But, believe me, they come in handy a lot of time. Your postage stamps will never get wasted, so don’t mind spending few bucks on them.

CVS Store Near You

I never had difficulty locating a CVS near me anywhere I go. Apart from buying food, groceries, medicine, gift items I was able to purchase postage stamps.

In case, you don’t know where is the store locations. Then use the sitemap we have embedded below. It will show the list of all the CVS store near you where you can purchase postage stamps.

Remember, this map is only for US people not for the people for the other countries. If you want to check the store location in your country, then search for “CVS store” on Google maps, and it will display you the stores near you, as simple as that.

Are These USPS Approved Stamps?

The answer is friendly and straightforward, i.e., Yes. These postage stamps are approved by the USPS, so you don’t have to bother about the technical aspect whatsoever.

Does CVS Sell Stamps Online?

Postage stamps are no more popular because electronic mail has taken over or we can say the Internet has completely taken over few things and postage stamps are one of them. Though these electronic mails are very convenient as they save time and money and lightning fast, these emails don’t have personalized feel, and we can’t send smalls items as we can do in the real mail.

Regrettably, the CVS website does not offer online postage stamp shopping, so you’ve to visit the store. Alternatively, you can buy them in Target or Walmart online shop because they sell postage stamps online. The other two convenient options are Amazon and

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